12-10-2015 11:07 AM
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  1. Wayne Sanders's Avatar
    It sounds like you should just stick with an iPhone. The note 4 is obviously too much for you

    Posted via Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Lmao @ that...
    03-15-2015 10:22 PM
  2. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    I really like the sports mode in the camera app. Been able to take great pics of my kids while they are constantly running around.

    Note in my house!
    03-18-2015 11:33 PM
  3. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    This is an AT&T thing, but I like the Caller Name ID feature. So if anyone sends me a text or calls me that isn't already in my contacts list, then it tells me the name of the person with an option to add them to my contacts.

    Note in my house!
    04-26-2015 09:13 AM
  4. juliesdroidsync's Avatar
    I just read through all 11 pages and learned some really wonderful things about my phone!

    But one thing that no one seems to mention was using the S Pen to help you browse websites that are not mobile friendly.

    Face it, there are plenty of websites that are not designed well for mobile devices. so, in order to navigate from page to page, often times you have to zoom in to make a particular link large enough to click on.

    This makes navigation on many websites incredibly painful. But, with S pen, you can touch those tiny links on web pages and navigate to exactly where you want to be much more quickly and accurately.

    Use S Pen a couple of times while you are browsing the internet, & I promise every time you will reach for it!

    And that is my favorite thing about the S pen!

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    04-28-2015 12:11 AM
  5. doctordwaynewilliams's Avatar
    This one is for the Note Edge, when you are using the edge panel, if you go to the weather panel you can long press and pull down the temperature to refresh.

    Note Edge
    06-21-2015 08:59 PM
  6. bgbagz's Avatar
    I really like the Power button

    Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
    06-21-2015 11:52 PM
  7. Cregmeister's Avatar
    Samsung discontinued the "My Interest" feature November 17. Fortunately, there is a better substitute, Muzei, which has several excellent plug-ins from Reddit, National Geographic, Inflickr, etc. Check out /www_guidingtech_com/27429/best-muzei-live-wallpapers-plugins-android .

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-09-2015 10:27 AM
  8. MrMELTDOWN's Avatar
    Only 11 pages, I'm so disappointed it had to stop there. I filled up 10 pages of screen shots in an S Note folder I created. I also upgraded to the Note 4 from an Iphone 6 and I have no regrets.

    I use so many features exclusive to this phone it might be redundant to list them all. My favorite feature on this phone is the screen size so I'll share a secret that I've found so many people are not aware of. Get the KODI app from the play store. It's free TV and movies. You can get just about everything there is or ever was on demand including premium cable channels such as HBO and Starz. Once you've downloaded KODI you need to download add-ons to it. The easiest way to do that is download KODI Configurator (from the play store also) which will prompt you to download it's needed plug in. Configurator has many of the best add-ons already installed and a nifty search feature to find more. Installing the plug in can be a pain in the *ss though. You just need to keep the screen from turning off while it installs.

    Once you start using it you will find that many of the feeds will fail or fail in the middle of a show. You simply go to another stream. It will take some trial and error to figure things out. You can get live TV too but so far what I've been able to get live is crap quality. Supposedly you can get live sports but I haven't figured that one out yet. Just thought I would mention this. KODI won't download to the Iphone unless you jailbreak it. Yeah for Android !!!!

    Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread.

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    12-10-2015 06:08 AM
  9. min_is_3's Avatar
    Is the Note 4 too big for you to one hand it? No worries, you can shrink the screen making it one hand friendly.

    Sorry but i can't attach a photo, app keeps crashing.

    Sent from my Galaxy Note 4
    12-10-2015 11:07 AM
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