01-15-2015 04:06 PM
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  1. brucesmays's Avatar
    I'm receiving my Note 4 slickwrap today-image.jpg
    I'm receiving my Note 4 slickwrap today-image.jpgi got my slickwraps, and they are great. Added a bumper case, i like the way it looks
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    01-14-2015 06:39 PM
  2. rem0us's Avatar
    These can make the phone feel a little slippery (much like the phone itself).
    I totally agree. They do look very sharp but I wouldn't risk it on my phone. I have my PS4 and controllers decked out with white carbon from icarbons.com
    01-15-2015 02:28 AM
  3. Slickwrapsinc's Avatar
    Look's Dope.

    Can you tell us what case you used in "case" anyone has the same idea?

    01-15-2015 09:37 AM
  4. George Collins1's Avatar
    Will the front piece work if you have a tempered glass protector?

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    01-15-2015 12:01 PM
  5. Slickwrapsinc's Avatar
    Hey George,

    Yes, many people have installed SW over a tempered glass protector. The key is to take your time.

    01-15-2015 04:06 PM
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