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    This stuff happens with every unit that comes out on the market. The "upgrades' aren't as big a leap as oppose to someone who is a generation or two behind in terms of the phone game. Ask most regular folks about the jump from the Note 2 or S4 to the Note 4, if the device is worthwhile and from most segments you get a resounding yes.

    Since we all are basically phone "Nerds" and pseudo EE's commenting on these threads. Unless the leap is tremendous then we will not be that impressed. Its why we kinda scoff at the big Iphone. IOS users say now here's a reason to jump on the bandwagon and Android users are like, you catch up to the game and then we will see... BTW how do you like third party keyboards and /or widgets etc....

    Regular people don't use any mobile device in the manner most of us do, its just a fact. They may use one or two components Screen size, Mail, social media or calendar extensively. Millisecond stutters and transitions isn't something they really care about in the life expectancy of the device.

    Rooting or custom roms isn't something 90% of the userbase will concern themselves with, its only with real world issues, reception, voice quality, data connection, status update notification, video quality that they really will make noise and complain if it not up to accepted standards.

    In my family we have 2 Note 4's and 2 LG G3's. All the phones have cases and screen protectors on them, I have yet to hear from anyone about the build quality or the speakers or screens in terms of complaints. Its the difference between "us" and "them"...

    We find the annoying faults with the material choices, the color settings, the micro transitions between tasks, OS and skins. I saw the Nexus 6 yesterday for the first time, its a nice phone. If I didn't use the S-Pen I would probably hop on board with it, as t has all the features I really like with the exception to the pen/stylus. I am sure the N6 forum is blowing up over some of the faults as I type this, its just the never ending cycle of upgrading devices and managing expectations of the consumer...
    11-21-2014 08:50 AM
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    Please remember, I am not the OP. It's not that serious to me. If I don't choose a Note 4 I'll choose something else, no big deal...been at this phone thing for a while.
    My bad, I thought you were the op.

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