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    hey everyone, i know there were some threads late October talking about how most cases dont fir the Verizon version of the note 4 and in order to buy one that fits we have to buy one directly from Verizon way overpriced. because the mic holes do not line up.

    1. since then i have been reading through the forums and some people say the Spigen Neo Hybrid and fixed there problem but only fixed the TPU and not the frame part.

    2. some say the Ringke Fusion works

    but comments have been conflicting. with a couple days of each other a few said the Ringke Fusion works and some said no it doesnt

    I am looking for a slim case like the Rigke Fusion.

    can anyone reccomend to me a case that works for the verizon note 4 that is similar to the Ringke Fusion. I am not interested in Otterbox or those large cases.

    if you have a case that works from Ringke or Spigen if you can post a pic that would be very helpfull.

    thanks everyone for the help.
    11-20-2014 09:51 AM

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