1. sandrat45's Avatar
    I was recently trying to move applications around on my home screen and now I can only place them to the right of the app drawer.anyone else have this problem or have a solution to this.
    12-01-2014 04:59 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    Would you be able to take a screenshot ? I am not sure I understand the question. You were moving stuff on the home screen but now you can only arrange off the home screen (in the app drawer) ?
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    12-01-2014 06:49 PM
  3. sandrat45's Avatar
    for some reason its not allowing me to upload from my phone I can upload today when I get home from my computer. Sorry about that if anybody knows that, if anyone knows a work around it I'd be happy to upload it now
    12-02-2014 10:39 AM
  4. sandrat45's Avatar
    12-02-2014 03:57 PM
  5. gnr_2's Avatar
    Are you using a launcher? Maybe you "locked" your home screen? Though you shouldn't be able to move anything then.
    12-02-2014 04:01 PM
  6. sandrat45's Avatar
    No im using stock touchwiz. When i came the contacts and phone were on the left side and the internet and messaging were on the right. I would like to move the messaging to the right side again
    12-02-2014 04:32 PM

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