1. Corbett Haas's Avatar
    So I know imessage came out with a way to supposedly fix the imessage bug. I went through this process but there are a few people who I still can't get messages from. I can get the message from them individually but I don't get their messages when sent in a group string.

    Anybody have any ideas? I have searched and have tried many things to no avail... i am getting so frustrated and am half tempted to try to join the class action lawsuit filed against apple

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    12-02-2014 09:46 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I would try calling Apple to ensure it fully removed you from the system. I have seen a few people call Apple and afterwards they were able to do everything without any more issues.
    12-02-2014 10:21 AM
  3. LaTuFu's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think it also has something to do with the other person's iPhone, too. i.e. if they are running an older i4S or something like that, and didn't update beyond iOS 7, etc.

    I seem to recall my wife having a lot of issues with her phone running imessage. We wound up turning it off because it was such a headache for her.
    12-02-2014 10:27 AM
  4. Robert1963's Avatar
    What was the fix you ran to get the iMessages to start coming through? Thanks.
    12-02-2014 10:30 AM
  5. Almeuit's Avatar
    What was the fix you ran to get the iMessages to start coming through? Thanks.
    Here you go .

    Can’t get text messages from an iPhone - Apple Support
    12-02-2014 10:34 AM
  6. Corbett Haas's Avatar
    Apples faq resolution to this issue is to ask all my iPhone friends to delete the text strings with me and start a new one but I'm obviously not going to go through that heart ache...
    I'll try calling apple and let you know how it goes

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    12-02-2014 10:37 AM
  7. Corbett Haas's Avatar
    Just spent 45 min on phone... essentially told me there was nothing I can do...short of making sure all the relevant people whose texts I can't recieve have the most updated ios version and making sure their settings are correct... as if that should be my burden.

    This isn't who i am but I fundamentally disagree with this fiasco and will pursue getting my name on the class action lawsuit that has been filed... absolutely ridiculous. Apple has shown true colors here

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    12-02-2014 01:16 PM

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