1. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    Is anyone else having problems?? The wifi isn't great here at work but it should be good enough to "reach google"
    12-11-2014 08:42 AM
  2. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    Just noticed if I restart phone it works.....hmmm.....I hope this is not an issue or just sometimes google can't be reached...I came from an S5 with zero issues....eeeeeeeek....
    12-11-2014 08:44 AM
  3. Almeuit's Avatar
    I'd try other wifi networks. If it was only that one I'd blame that network.
    12-11-2014 11:31 AM
  4. ClaudiaP's Avatar
    Since the update yesterday my OK Google isn't working at all.
    12-11-2014 11:38 AM
  5. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    Since the update yesterday my OK Google isn't working at all.
    Getting a sick feeling.....ugggg.....my wifi here is fine....my s5 was fine on it....just praying it was a one time glitch
    12-11-2014 11:56 AM
  6. dpham00's Avatar
    Since the update yesterday my OK Google isn't working at all.
    Did you clear cache? Factory data reset?

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    12-11-2014 11:58 AM
  7. ClaudiaP's Avatar
    I'm not sure what app to choose to clear cache and I haven't done a factory reset because I am working on another problem, the fingerprint scanner problem.
    In all the years I have used smart phones this is the first time I have ever had any problem following an update and honestly I have no clue how to proceed.

    I have never done a factory data reset before, I'm not concerned by OK Google, I was just letting the OP know they weren't alone.
    12-11-2014 12:24 PM
  8. ronb's Avatar
    If you haven't yet, do a battery pull for at least 30 seconds and then try it all again.
    Good luck!
    12-12-2014 08:08 AM

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