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    I'm running in to three issues when my phone is on Ultra Power Saving Mode.

    1. The on-screen buttons (there are several) for turning off UPSM all stop working, proventing me from disabling the mode.

    2. The on-screen keyboard doesn't pop-up, preventing me from texting.

    3. The phone will periodically restart while in this mode, usually a few minutes after recieving a text message. There's a chance for it to restart without a text but recieving texts seem to be what sets it off, regardless if I enter the Messaging app or not.

    I'm rarely in UPSM, but I've been using it a lot this week since I haven't been home. These issues have happened a total of three times, which is every time I've used it. My phone will still allow me to power off the device, so this and letting it cool seem to be what fixes it.
    12-18-2014 05:02 PM

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