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    I believe this happened in the latest YouTube app update, but now I am missing the voice search option in the search field and on the keyboard (mic button). The keyboard on the YouTube app looks just like the keyboard in my messaging app, Chrome browser, and various other apps, except that the YouTube keyboard is missing the little "mic" button left of the spacebar.

    I've long pressed the setting/gear looking button for options but there is no option for the "mic." I swear I've gone into every setting possible including all of the settings under "language & input."

    Here is the keyboard in the YouTube app....
    Voice Search Mic Button Is Missing on the YouTube App-screenshot_2014-12-23-14-20-44.jpg

    Here is the keyboard in other apps...
    Voice Search Mic Button Is Missing on the YouTube App-screenshot_2014-12-23-14-21-15.jpg

    I've even gone into settings and uninstalled all of the YouTube updates. This brought me back the original version. Now here I do see the voice option in the search field but it is still missing from the keyboard..
    Voice Search Mic Button Is Missing on the YouTube App-screenshot_2014-12-23-14-33-45.jpg

    The only other solution I found was to use the Swype keyboard as the default keyboard. This keyboard does have the "mic" button, but I'm not a real fan of it so I would prefer not to use it.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know of a solution?
    12-23-2014 03:47 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I don't use the stock keyboard so don't know why that's gone, but yeah, it's also MIA on YouTube (I remember it used to be a dedicated button when searching). I use SwiftKey, and like you say, the mic button is there, but it sucks that you have to go through a couple of extra steps to do what you could do directly from the app before.
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    12-23-2014 03:56 PM

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