1. 420benz's Avatar
    Can't text to my sons new iPhone 6 plus.He can text me but not me to him. My whole family has iPhones and I have no problem texting them. Is there a missing setting in his phone or mine?
    BTW: I am using Nova if that makes any difference.
    12-26-2014 11:09 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Can't text to my sons new iPhone 6 plus.He can text me but not me to him. My whole family has iPhones and I have no problem texting them. Is there a missing setting in his phone or mine?
    BTW: I am using Nova if that makes any difference.
    It's likely a setting with iMessage on the iPhone 6 Plus. I'd suggest going through those settings and see if there's anything preventing him from texting you, such as an only receive text from iMessage accounts.
    12-26-2014 11:38 AM
  3. 420benz's Avatar
    He Can text me I can't text him.
    12-26-2014 11:53 AM
  4. MalinoisK9's Avatar
    I know there is a setting on the iPhone that allows texts if imessage is not available but the fact that he can text you would lead me to believe that it is not that but worth a look.
    12-26-2014 12:26 PM
  5. FBA's Avatar
    SMS / Text messaging isn't phone dependant. Your issue isn't a hardware issue...it has to be something else. iMessage is another story and has nothing to do with SMS/ Text messaging.
    12-26-2014 01:27 PM
  6. mbryanr's Avatar
    12-26-2014 02:43 PM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    The normal problem is that the iPhone sends iMessages, even to Android phones - and only iPhones can receive iMessages. You have the reverse problem, and iMessage can receive SMS messages without doing anything special.

    My suggestion is to go with him and both phones to a Genius Bar and have them figure it out. (What's happening isn't possible if the iPhone is working properly so I suspect either some little setting is set wrong in iMessage in his phone, or the iMessage app in his phone is corrupted.)
    12-27-2014 01:59 AM
  8. 420benz's Avatar
    What do you think problem is.
    12-27-2014 10:06 AM
  9. Rmedy21's Avatar
    What do you think problem is.
    You have turn off Imessage. Go into settings and turn it off see if that helps.

    Amazing Verizon Galaxy Note 4
    12-27-2014 09:21 PM
  10. Grovzy1080's Avatar
    Did you come from and iPhone?

    Posted via my Note 4
    12-27-2014 11:02 PM
  11. storino03's Avatar
    So I couldn't find a direct answer to this problem in my Google searches and then came across this thread.

    Basically, I also had a Samsung Galaxy S3 and switched to the iPhone 6+ in December. I had been using Google Voice for a few years on Android without incident, but when I switched to iPhone, I was getting some texts sent to iMessage and some to the Google Voice app on iOS. It was frustrating, so I deleted the GV app while disabling the service altogether. Since then, 3 months later, I have not been able to send/receive text messages from non-iPhone phones and didn't know why.

    I tried disabling iMessage, restarting iPhone, and re-enabling it, but nothing! I then saw this thread and had the wild idea of enabling GV service again, while installing the app to iOS. That seemed to work! I can now send and receive texts from non-iPhone devices, as well as Android and everyone else!

    The only things I don't like about having two messaging clients is that some texts get sent to iMessage and some to Google Voice, but both are never synced with one another.

    Aside from that, my problems are fixed.
    03-17-2015 02:39 PM
  12. lterry913's Avatar
    I have also heard that the iphone user and yourself should delete the contact completely then re add them to the contact list...good luck.
    03-18-2015 11:39 AM
  13. Bravfoe's Avatar
    If I understand correctly, you had an iPhone at one point and then went back to Android? If that's the case, you are still on Apple's iMessage servers for your iPhone. I had the same issue. I called Apple Support and asked them to remove me from their iMessage servers and all was fine after that. I hope this is the case for you.
    03-18-2015 08:51 PM
  14. Amanda Maynor's Avatar
    I'm having a problem of when my friend with the iPhone 6plus texts me and I try to reply I get a text saying it is an invalid number and this is his first iPhone and he has had it for months and it just started happening this morning I have asked him to go through his imessage settings and all that but nothing works help me please
    04-15-2015 08:00 AM
  15. contrasteve's Avatar
    I have a Note % and I am having the same issue with my coworkers 6s + he doesn't receive my texts even while I am sitting next to him but I can receive his.
    02-11-2016 01:01 PM

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