1. scorpio001's Avatar
    Hi all,

    My Note 4 is the Octa-core 1.9GHz, 1.3GHz version. How do i tell if the optical image stabilisation is working/functioning on my Note 4?

    12-27-2014 09:53 AM
  2. bertsirkin's Avatar
    There is no easy way to do this. I don't believe you can turn it off, and even if you could, every picture you take in low light would have a different amount of physical camera movement, so you'd never be comparing "apples to apples".

    OIS is often more hype than reality in phones. Although it can be truly useful in some situations, you don't have the control over a camera phone that you would have on a larger camera - e.g., the ability to control the shutter speed. And OIS is completely dependent on shutter speed and how steady you can hold the camera.

    The expectation should be that you can not take quality images in very low light. Expect that ANY camera or subject movement WILL cause blurring, and you won't be disapointed.
    12-27-2014 11:12 AM
  3. MightyMike's Avatar
    The only thing I know of is to put this code in phone dialer *#0*# (copy/paste) This is just 22 test you can run on your devise. I do Not believe you can specifically test the ois but you can look. As always...proceed at your own risk...although I have run a few of these and I haven't had any problems. Some of the test you must complete to finish test. Double back button to get out.

    12-27-2014 01:09 PM
  4. MightyMike's Avatar
    Actually there are more than 22 test. Another 9 or So test in sensors. Pretty neat, but still haven't found ois... unless it's called something else.

    12-27-2014 01:22 PM

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