1. dixondw's Avatar
    I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 and for Christmas I got myself a 10,000 mAh battery from zerolemon with the big defender style case and all. I also got myself a couple other normal sized cases.

    Will I confuse my phone when switching between my stock battery and this one?

    For example, since I got my zerolemon battery I had to do the full charge for twelve hours thing so it learned the capacity. Will I have to do that each time I use this battery or will it know that my stock battery is smaller than the zerolemon?

    I'd like to alternate between my smaller cases during the week when I'm just going to school and work and have my zerolemon for weekends when I'm out all day and night. Will I have to condition each battery each time I switch them out? Or can I just swap them whenever with the capacity being accurate?

    Posted via my Galaxy Note 4
    12-28-2014 01:41 AM
  2. sparksd's Avatar
    You might want to follow this thread (and post there) over at XDA regarding the Zerolemon battery:

    Zerolemon 10,000mah battery available for pr… | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | XDA Forums
    12-28-2014 08:08 AM
  3. twolastnames's Avatar
    The charging is just for the battery's sake. The phone uses the voltage output to tell the charge of the battery yes? When my wife and I both had S4's, I put her battery in my phone once and it said the same charge as her phone.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-28-2014 09:51 AM

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