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    I had a galaxy note 4 (Verizon and android 4.4.4) for about a week and had a very annoying problem. I called Samsung who had me do a hard reset which did not fix the problem. Took the phone back and received a 2nd new note 4 only to have the same problem.

    Problem - when I use the Internet (doesn't matter which site I'm on or what I'm doing) I get prompted to choose an action repreatedly. The first time is choose an action between [android system and downloads]. If I choose [downloads] the phone downloads a file to named "default.wav". If I choose [aandroid system] the phone then prompts me to choose between [Google play music or music player]. Once I select either I then get the prompt for [always or just once] which should be setting up one of the selections as the default. Once I hit always or just once the phone will play the "default.wav" file through either of the music apps, the sound is simply a ding or ring sound which is merely a half a second sound. The real issue then begins to happen which is the phone will then randomly prompt me to choose between the music or Google music player (depending which I chose earlier) and downloads. The phone constantly wants me to play this random default.wav file or download it. It happens sporadically and without provocation. Samsung had no clue and simply told me to return the phone since it was still within the return period. Unfortunately the second brand new note 4 has the same issue.

    With the newest phone I've attempted to:
    1) remove everything off the SD card and format it using the phone and then resetting the phone to factory default - still had the problem happen before any apps from the play store were installed
    2) remove the SD card entirely and do another factory reset - problem again happened before any apps were installed

    So I think I can say I've ruled out the SD card and the apps I use as being the culprits.

    Anyone have an idea ?
    12-29-2014 11:15 AM
  2. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    Go into a Verizon store and find the smartest guy working there and show him your problem.
    12-29-2014 04:54 PM

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