1. anon9173723's Avatar
    The update took place after several failed attempts over the past few weeks and oh my God am I having problems. My earpiece volume is now so loud that I have it turned down to maybe 10% loudness and it is still too loud. My battery life went from 77% to 31% in 45 minutes with nothing physically open or running and the phone is very warm. I also have Evernote, VR Ware, and some other junk that this NK3 update forced into my Note 4 without my permission.

    I just spent over 2 hours on the phone with AT&T and Samsung and they blamed each other and I'm left hanging with a ruined phone now. AT&T offered me a refurbished phone, Samsung said "Can't help you" !!! Rot in hell Samsung and NO thank you AT&T for a used device after I just gave you $850 two months ago for a brand NEW device.....

    BTW....Samsung said that a firmware update cannot be blocked, I had disabled ALL automatic updates on my Note 4. The second I connected to WiFi today the update started and I couldn't stop it.

    Anyone have any ideas on why or how NK3 did this to my earpiece volume?

    01-06-2015 08:56 PM
  2. skippyg's Avatar
    Weird issue. The install clearly was a bad install. Silly to mention but have you attempted a factory reset and SD card wipe ? I had to do that with my a note 3 after an update that caused boot loops and force closes . reset didn't help the first time but then helped with a SD card wipe

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    01-07-2015 03:07 AM
  3. anon9173723's Avatar
    No I haven't done that because it is SUCH a pain in the *** to go through the entire device and disable all the apps, customize my settings and reinstall everything. Ive seen many here and other forums that said a factory reset didn't help. I'm very very upset with "technology" or lack thereof and being FORCED by carriers, phone manufacturers and Google to get crap forced upon us on OUR private devices that we did NOT authorize.
    01-07-2015 10:05 AM
  4. terobaje's Avatar
    I had an intermittent freezing issues after the update. After a factory reset, it is back to normal now.
    01-07-2015 10:51 AM
  5. anon9173723's Avatar
    I just fixed the earpiece volume issue....I went into Settings>More Networks>Mobile Data>Unchecked Enhanced 4G LTE Services.

    The Enhanced 4G LTE Services when checked turns on HD Voice which is not even active in Fort Lauderdale where I physically am right now for business according to AT&T
    01-07-2015 11:57 AM
  6. Biker Dude1's Avatar
    What 'Network Mode' should the phone be on? Mine said 'Global' but I just changed it to LTE / CDMA? Anyone know this?
    01-07-2015 12:47 PM

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