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    I have a screen problem and see if anyone else has same issue. It's not much but distracting none the less. It's on darker colors that I notice it. Please help

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    Attached Thumbnails note 4 screen problem?-screenshot_2015-01-07-09-45-23.jpg   note 4 screen problem?-screenshot_2015-01-07-09-39-15.jpg  
    01-07-2015 10:54 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I'm sorry and I think the images either are not doing your issue any justice or, if it's a screen issue, seeing those images on a computer or another phone would not show your issue...

    You need to post a picture of your phone's screen (not a screenshot, the actual screen) for us to see what you're seeing...
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    01-07-2015 11:07 AM
  3. rjh602's Avatar
    It's very faint but noticeable when you see it up close. It's the picture I can get now. Sorry

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    01-07-2015 11:39 AM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I'm not sure what I'm seeing here... Is it the faint, white, vertical line that seems to run through the middle of the screen (or is that just a reflection?)?

    It doesn't look like a scratch... do you have any sort of screen protector on?
    01-07-2015 12:40 PM
  5. rjh602's Avatar
    It's a horizontal faint white line across screen. I have a screen protector on it so can't be a scratch. I thought it might be light bleeding from screen. I know it's hard to see exactly. I tried the pixel detect and fix but didn't work.

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    01-07-2015 12:50 PM
  6. rjh602's Avatar
    Here are more pics. I don't know how to explain but thanks for your help. I appreciate it

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    Attached Thumbnails note 4 screen problem?-2015010795115354.jpg   note 4 screen problem?-20150107_115147.jpg  
    01-07-2015 12:55 PM
  7. torana355's Avatar
    Take it back and get it exchanged.
    01-07-2015 01:05 PM
  8. rjh602's Avatar
    Thanks, just wanted to know if anyone came across the same issue. Thanks

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    01-07-2015 01:09 PM
  9. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I'm sorry but I can't see any horizontal lines from your picture... Nevermind, I just saw your newer pictures... Now I can see the line, but still can't tell what it is...
    In any case, here's what to test.
    1) Take a screenshot of an image when you see the line the most (according to your post, that would be a darker color).
    2) Send that screenshot to your computer. Can you see the line there? If you can (which I'd think it's highly unlikely), it's a software issue, and either a factory reset would fix it or a new unit would.
    3) If you can't see the line in the computer screen (which I'm 99% sure you won't), it could be a number of things.
    a) Defect in the screen protector. I'd tell you to try to remove it and see if it goes away, but I know that could mean losing a screen protector since most are not re-usable.
    b) Defect in the display panel. This is way more difficult to diagnose since that would be the panel under the glass. These defects are usually sharp lines of 'dead' pixels, so it would look like a very sharp, straight line, not a jagged, blurry one.
    c) Defect in the display circuit. Similar result to the one above, but the defect would be in the connector making the display show that dead line of pixels. Usually this defect shows 'dancing' or 'twinkling' pixels that don't match the colors or images that you're displaying.
    d) A defect in the display driver. Not the connector, but the actual image driver chip. This would produce a similar effect to the above two, but would also show on any external displays you connect your phone to.
    e) A defect in the glass itself. This would be a blurry line, usually with a rainbow-like effect if you hit it with a light and it would distort the image in different places if you look at it from different angles (if the defect is always at the same, precise spot no matter how you look at it, it's not the glass).

    For both a and d, you could test the output image on a TV using an MHL cable or since this is a Note 4, via SideSync onto a computer or tablet via USB or WiFi. If the image beamed to the other device doesn't show the lines, it's not the software or image drivers.
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    01-07-2015 01:11 PM
  10. rjh602's Avatar
    Thanks spook, I will try it. I really appreciate your input.

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    01-07-2015 01:17 PM
  11. SpookDroid's Avatar
    No problem, just glad we can at least give out ideas to try and help. Do let us know the outcome, ok?
    01-07-2015 01:48 PM
  12. rjh602's Avatar
    Thanks again, I side synced the phone to computer and you're right I couldn't see the problem. Removed screen protector also and did not go away. So had to be internal issue with screen. Just went in and exchanged it. Thanks for all your help spook.

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    01-08-2015 06:28 PM
  13. scizzorlayde's Avatar
    why do I got a white vertical line going down the middle of my Samsung note 4 phone, after swiping it
    05-31-2015 04:58 PM
  14. ducatirider's Avatar
    I also have this problem on my note 4
    And I just got it today
    This phone is crap as he'll
    I exchanged it cause of that cappy camera auto focus
    The culprit is the camera is lose
    You tap on the phone and you get an auto focus
    Now I don't have that camera hocus focus thing
    But now the problem is half of the screen is brighter than the freaking rest of the screen
    This is unacceptable
    Wait till tomorrow again
    And I'll give them a piece of my mind
    Damnit I'm so pissed right now
    This phones aren't cheap
    07-08-2015 03:16 AM
  15. ducatirider's Avatar
    OK the problem went away
    I don't have that problem now
    Hopefully it'll never come back
    07-08-2015 02:22 PM
  16. spazzhimself's Avatar
    i am having the same problem i know what you are talking about...its a slight tone in color change right? how did you correct it if you did ?
    10-24-2015 09:10 AM

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