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    I just upgraded to a Note 4 and am liking it quite a bit, but have a couple of questions.

    First, I'm having some issues with MMS. I am using Google Messenger as my SMS/MMS app instead of the (Samsung/AT&T?) Messages app. Frequently (but not always) when receiving an incoming MMS, it will not show up in Google Messenger. In Messages, it will show a message with a button to download, but unless I set Messages as the default app, this download button does not work. I have tried rebooting the phone, clearing caches for both apps (as well as the AT&T SMS Backup/Restore app), disabling Messages, disabling Backup/Restore, disabling both of those apps. I have not come from an iPhone and don't use iMessage, and I have tried with wifi both on and off. Nothing seems to resolve this issue. Any ideas?

    Second, I have contacts synced through multiple accounts. I've noticed that for contacts that have photos in both Gmail and Facebook, the Gmail photo takes precedence in my contact list. If there is only a Facebook photo, that photo is displayed. Is there any way to set it so that the Facebook profile photo is the default?

    01-08-2015 03:51 PM

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