1. Derek Randall's Avatar
    Was so excited to get the Nexus 6. The front facing speakers(waaaaaaaay better than any Samsung), vanilla android, lollipop, and 6 inch screen was second to none. But I just returned my second Nexus 6 in 2 weeks. The proximity sensors don't work. When you put the Nexus 6 on your left cheek the screen stays on so you hang up, hit mute, press 22222 etc. I called Motorola and they said they are having that same problem with 1000's of there Nexus 6's with the same problem. But now that I have givin my galaxy s4 to my daughter I need to decide asap. Is the Note 4 head and shoulders better than the rest. I am totally spoiled by front facing speakers now. I don't want to go back. Why is there no other options?
    01-09-2015 11:17 PM
  2. Teague Kelley's Avatar
    HTC has front facing speakers that are made by beats. But that was last year's phone.

    The note 4 is a great phone. Size, the s pen is just an amazing feature, the resolution of the screen, battery life and it's fast. I love my note 4 and wouldn't trade it, unless it's for a note 5.

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    01-09-2015 11:47 PM
  3. Andy847's Avatar
    I sampled an HTC One before the Note 4 Came out and it sounded okay I guess, but way too small after Having a Note 2, N3, and now Note 4. I could never go to a smaller phone. I love the Note 4 and it's a great phone. The sound is good enough for me. Try the HTC and see how it sounds to you, unless you have to have the latest and greatest, which is the Note 4 in my opinion. I all fairness though, I've never used a Nexus device so couldn't comment on them other than they get Updates quicker.
    01-10-2015 12:39 AM
  4. Mexico619's Avatar
    You can always try the Sony Xperia Z3? I was deciding between the Note 4 and it but I ended up getting the Xperia Z3 because of dustproof and water resistant capabilities, glass and metal materials, front facing speakers and the camera is pretty great too. The battery is also really good and overall I'm happy with it. I'm pretty sure I made the right choice but I wish I feel like it's a bit underrated compared to the Note 4 since it isn't available on every carrier unless you buy it online.

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    01-10-2015 01:19 AM
  5. GalaxyOnyxWitch's Avatar
    I would have to agree with Mexico619, If I had to choose a larger phone other than my Note4, I would have likely given the Z3 a run through it's paces. Minimalistic skin, I hear updates aren't too bad and it received very good reviews. I would make sure to put it in a case since front and back are glass though. If I wanted a smaller phone, I would have gone with the Z3 Compact in a heart beat.
    01-10-2015 09:31 AM
  6. jsgiv's Avatar
    I was in the same boat... Wanted most of the aspects of N6 (large screen, front facing speakers, stock android, etc.), however, the main issue I had with it was that it was too wide for (near) comfortable 1 handed use.

    The note 4 has issues as well so its not a perfect choice either. However, the pros outweigh the cons compared to the N6. And in addition, you have the SPen that adds quite a bit of functionality from a multitasking perspective that the N6 doesn't support. This became crystal clear to me yesterday when I had been out house shopping with my wife and we took several notes, pictures, and details from the various places we visited on my phone. I was able to take all of these details from the various apps I had used and saved throughout the day and combine them and send them into a single email to my wife and others interested in what we visited and saw - ALL from my Note 4. And quicker than the time it would have taken me to move/send the details to my computer to accomplish the same task (which would've been necessary had I had the N6).

    Add to that it has fantastic battery life (and I can swap it out), screen is fantastic, its slimmer and feels better in the hand, its probably one of the most "useful" and "productive" mobile devices I've used since the days of win mobile on a palm treo.

    My point? It depends on what you use your device for. If you're simply looking for a larger phone with front facing speakers with a near stock experience then the N6 is a fabulous device to own.

    I'm using Nova Launcher that gives me that near stock experience. So the only issue that remained (like you) was the front facing speakers. IMHO if Samsung had added these to the Note 4 it'd be a near perfect device. If that's the deal breaker then the choice is made (very few phones out there have this option). Otherwise... I'd suggest trying other phones out like the note 4 or M8 to see if they are a better fit.

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    01-10-2015 10:45 AM

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