1. dhendriksen's Avatar
    My phone wasn't locked and I put it in my pocket, and accidentally pressed a ton of buttons. I felt it vibrating so I pulled it out and I had the home screen settings up. Now, I've got this little drawer of soft buttons that I can't figure out how it got here and can't figure out how to get rid of it.

    Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot of it expanded and collapsed. They seem to have the same functionality as the buttons below the screen. Is love to know how it got here and how to get rid of it.
    01-12-2015 01:23 PM
  2. asianguy80's Avatar
    That is probably the "side key panel" if you 2 finger swipe down just disable that and it should go away.
    01-12-2015 01:34 PM
  3. dhendriksen's Avatar
    That was it! Thank you thank you.
    01-12-2015 03:08 PM

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