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    I have the Waze app but I cannot add an address to Favorites. I am new at Note 4 so please bear with me. I long-press on the Recent Apps key (left of Home button), to launch the Waze menu. Then I press Navigate, then Favorites, Add new Favorite. Then the softkeyboard launches, and I type in the new address. But after I finish entering the address, I can't save because the keyboard won't move away. I have swiped the screen, touch the display at another point, but nothing work. I guess I am looking for something to give the command Enter. In any case, I tried the Back button which kicked me out, not saving the new address. Help!

    I found the answer, hopefully this will help someone else

    Somehow when I go to landscape mode, I was able to enter the address, then I press Search, it then display the address on the screen, at which time I long-press on the address, it brings up a menu, and I just scroll down until I found Add to Favorites, it then allows me to name the Favorite, then to press Done.

    01-13-2015 11:38 AM

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