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    the other day i posted i was considering trading my motorola droid turbo and get the note 4. in my post i mentioned that for the last couple of years i went from the razr maxx to the note 2 to the droid maxx to the note 3 to the droid turbo! seems i have a problem!

    each time i got rid of the phone it wasnt because i didn't like thee phone itself, it was just i wanted something new.

    anyway, i loved the droid turbo, the battery is awesome, and it was much faster than the previous droids. i have loved motorola's active display since it came out, and google now is still the king lol.

    i did start missing the note features, the spen, the slightly bigger screen, and the way the note is more "business" suited. we have started using google drive at work (im a police officer, and i can carry the policies and procedures and other important doc's on my phone" and when i started using it, i realized how much more the note series compliments that.

    so i traded a couple of days ago. i gave my daughter the turbo, and used her moto x 2013 to do the early edge up (btw verizon seems to frown on swapping sim cards out and moving around edge phones lol). so far my daughter says she is enjoying the extra battery life!

    anyway, since i had the note 3 ( and note 2 in the past) i was familiar with the note lines, and my main concern was if the battey would still get me through a 12 or 16 hour shift without needing plugged in. my note 3 did, in fact i only had to plug it in once, and thats because i had used it for a lot of pictures among the usual stuff i do.

    so far the note 4 battery seems to be good, im watching it because only having the phone two days a this point ive had to do the set ups and it installed an update when i got it, so i know ive taxed the battery a little more than usual.

    the spen updates are def noticeable, the copy and paste is actually usable now! i like the priority senders in the message app (i use the stock app)
    the fingerprint scanner is hit or miss right now, i may mess with it later, but its not something ill be upset about if i dont use it.
    the note 4 seems to be a lot louder than my note 3 and note 2 were. the droid phones are always loud ( phone call, and speaker when listening to music or speaker call) but i have been surprised how much louder the note 4 is.

    ill be watching youtube videos today to learn some new stuff for my phone, but i can already tell that while it may not be a huge leap from the note 3, its def a jump.

    and last, you guys dont throw stones for me saying this but...... after going back and forth between touchwiz and basically vanilla android, i am kind of enjoying touchwiz this time around! i love stock android that is on the motorola phones, but for what i am doing with the phone these days, the note 4 is actually set up real nice, and i have to give some props to samsung and their dreaded touchwiz for that lol!

    i will say i would have been fine having a 1080 screen, because to me its a great screen that doesnt use the powere the quad hd does, but hopefully the battery will be able to handle it. i have the screen to auto bright, and the screen itself is on adaptive, but i have used it on basic, which should save battery life, and still gives a great view ( though slightly pastel themed)

    i am using a tech 21 case for the first time on a note, i have always used the otterbox defender, but it makes it so much more bulky that i decided to try the tech 21. the case is slim in comparison and feels good in the hand. my phone is in a phone holder when on patrol and i leave it in the car on calls or traffic stops, so im not too worried about breaking it.

    my only complaint on samsung phones is this, i wish there was a setting to turn off the home button from waking up the screen. the phone is big enough that the button is sometimes pushed when in my pocket, and i wish i could turn that off. other than that everything else is working great.
    thanks for your time. comments welcome!
    01-15-2015 09:39 AM
  2. heathersimon's Avatar
    This is my first Samsung Android phone. (I had a Samsung Focus WP7 a few years ago, and hated it.) I've heard that Touchwiz has improved a lot, and is a nicer experience on the Note 4 than it has been on previous devices. (Then again, sounds like it couldn't get much worse.)

    Personally, I think that if you like it, ignore the people who yell about anything and everything Touchwiz. Personal preferences are tough to argue about.
    01-15-2015 10:22 AM
  3. Jude526's Avatar
    Love the Note series. Samsung has the best in this series. My brother decided on it and told me I was right. Lol..my bestie decided on it too.
    This will keep me happy for a very long time.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-15-2015 03:33 PM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I think you're gonna enjoy your Note 4. While my Note 4 is not heads and tails better than my Note 3 it is indeed better. The S Pen just allows so much. The camera on the Note 4 is a lot better in low light and that was the one quibble I had with the Note 3. Tech21? Great cases. I keep Tech 21 Tacticals on my 3 and 4.
    01-15-2015 04:33 PM
  5. russel5150's Avatar
    I already like the s pen improvements, the copy and paste is actually easy to use lol.

    I knew i would like it, it would just take some getting used to again lol

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-15-2015 06:52 PM
  6. mayconvert's Avatar
    The Note 4 is a fantastic phone. I just wanted to add that I have the Moto x 2014 and the Note 4.
    I get what you are saying about vanilla vs touchwiz. I love vanilla, simple, speedy most of the time, Love moto assist features and all that too.
    To me, and I certainly could be wrong here, but Touchwiz on the Note 4 seems less In Your Face than it used to be.
    And one thing I will give Touchwiz vs Vanilla is Settings. Touchwiz gives a Massive amount of control that vanilla just simply ignores.

    I love the Note 4 and the Moto x for different reasons, but I am not hating Touchwiz on the Note 4.
    The only thing I would Love to do is change the water drop sound effect to something else.
    I don't want to turn it off, I know I can do that, I just want a different sound.

    Enjoy the Note 4, it's an excellent phone. My opinion, it's the best phone on the market right now.
    01-15-2015 11:20 PM
  7. jhnnyblze2000's Avatar
    Also from a video I saw they r bringing the ambient display to the note 4 in the lollipop update. Truly the only reason I am excited for lollipop lol.
    01-15-2015 11:29 PM
  8. andrewg13's Avatar
    The only thing I would Love to do is change the water drop sound effect to something else.
    I don't want to turn it off, I know I can do that, I just want a different sound.
    Do you mean the lock screen swipe sound? If so you can change it by going to Settings>lock screen>Unlock effect. I'm using Abstract tiles effect and it has chimes instead of water drops.
    01-16-2015 02:20 AM

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