09-06-2015 05:13 AM
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    Most of posts here were in favor of upgrading from Note 2 to Note 4, so I like to mention some cons. I am considering upgrade of my company phone from Note 2 to Note 4 (for free), but there are some reservations I have:. 1) s-pen writing on Note 4 is lousy compared to s-pen writing on Note 2, which allow free hand multiple lines of scribbling. I have no idea why Samsung decided to get rid of this s-pen feature 2) Bootloader lock/ rooting difficulty on Note 4 is well known. My Galaxy Note 2 didn't even have knox installed on it, and it was snap to root and easy to modify however I want 3) Note 4 battery is oblong instead of being square like Note 2, which will prevent my carrying a spare battery in my wallet. 4) flip case with special grip which allow easy one hand operation is not available for Note 4.
    This is an old thread. The OP was opened on Jan 15, 2015. The last replay before yours was May 27, 2015. I think the OP probably already made a choice.
    09-06-2015 12:16 AM
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    Just do it
    09-06-2015 05:13 AM
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