1. dr4pat's Avatar
    Show temperature where ever you are? .
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    01-20-2015 04:06 PM
  2. terobaje's Avatar
    Show temperature where ever you are? .
    I use AccuWeather. There are many other weather apps that will display current weather on the status bar.
    01-20-2015 04:12 PM
  3. 1812dave's Avatar
    For my area, nothing beats Weatherbug. Temp shows in the status bar.
    01-20-2015 05:07 PM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    WeatherBug Elite
    Attached Thumbnails how do you get the temperature displayed on the top of the screen,  temperature where you are, insid-1421792632079.jpg  
    01-20-2015 05:23 PM
  5. dr4pat's Avatar
    Thanks, but I ment current air temp wherever you are, inside or outside, not a weather service.
    Like having a thermometer in your hand only on top of the screen of the note4
    01-20-2015 06:41 PM
  6. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Oh, I've only seen S health do that.
    01-20-2015 06:52 PM
  7. dr4pat's Avatar
    Thanks everyone
    01-20-2015 06:58 PM
  8. Dngrsone's Avatar
    For my phone (Galaxy S4) there is an app appropriately named Galaxy S4 Sensors, which displays ambient temperature, current air pressure, and current light levels.

    There may be something similar for your phone...

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    01-20-2015 07:05 PM
  9. 1812dave's Avatar
    ah. you can't get accurate air temp from the phone itself due to the slight warmth of the phone.
    01-25-2015 06:02 PM
  10. barrettdaniel's Avatar
    l don't think the Note 4 has this feature. I could be wrong but I don't think it does. It was on one or more of the previous Notes, but not the N4.
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    01-25-2015 08:10 PM

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