1. iOSConvert2k14's Avatar
    Left my mom's house three hours ago and realized my charger is on her table. Does att have fast chargers? I live 350 miles away and don't plan on visiting for a few weeks. Any thoughts? I have my phone on the car charger for the drive back.
    01-26-2015 02:51 PM
  2. sparksd's Avatar
    Verizon stores carry them.
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    01-26-2015 03:46 PM
  3. barrettdaniel's Avatar

    l don't know about ATT specifically but that link has a list of certified quick chargers. You could look for one of these,
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    01-26-2015 03:47 PM
  4. iOSConvert2k14's Avatar
    Thanks! Found one at verizon
    01-26-2015 05:56 PM
  5. dpham00's Avatar
    I picked up a few Samsung adaptive chargers for $15 at att on sale.

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4
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    01-26-2015 06:22 PM
  6. pappcam's Avatar
    Any micro USB charger will charge the phone just not the fast charge. I have old BlackBerry chargers that will charge my Note 4.
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    01-26-2015 09:14 PM
  7. jayk82's Avatar
    Maybe a Samsung Store inside of Best Buy?

    Sent from my iPhone 6 Plus using Tapatalk
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    01-27-2015 05:52 AM

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