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    I recently found out my phone is making a crackling disorted noise from the main speaker makes me thing the speaker is bad even though the phone is like a month old. I called samsung and they told me supposedely because its an international model they cant help me which is frustrating and the other thing is she says international warrant varies like are you serious. So US phones get 1 year warranty and the others it varies depending on the country which is stupid because i expect when i bought a samsung phone especially switching from iphone that they would be more helpful but i was wrong. I wouldnt be so upset but when you spend so much money on a phone i would expect better. I still love this phone but yea. My question im asking is does anybody know how international warranties vary so i can at least get my phone fixed for free.

    Posted via My Note 4
    01-27-2015 10:43 PM

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