1. raf66's Avatar
    I've got 2 questions regarding charging my GN4. And since I'm neither an electrical engineer nor an experienced Android user, I thought I'd pose the questions to you guys and gals for guidance. Thanks in advance.

    1) I have an older Nook that no longer works but the original wall charger does. It is a micro USB and the wall plug states that the output is 5V and 0.85A. I need an extra charger for my GN4 to have at my office, but I don't want to cause an exploding phone or office. The GN4 plug states it has 2 outputs: one of 9.0V and 1.67A, and the other of 5V and 2.0A. Can I safely use the older Nook charger with the GN4?

    2) When I plug the USB cord that came with my GN4 into the USB port in my car, my phone gives me repeated visual messages that the phone is connected as an installer and it doesn't charge at all. Am I missing a phone setting somewhere that is preventing a charge via USB?

    Thanks again.
    02-08-2015 02:27 PM
  2. ChemMan's Avatar
    Pretty much any usb charger with a micro usb plug on the end should work fine to charge your Note 4. Some micro usb indicator plug marks may be upside down though. Your Note 4 came with a Adaptive Fast Charger that does 2 amps on demand from the Note 4 so it will be the fastest of the chargers but all others should work fine.

    02-08-2015 02:46 PM

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