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    Good afternoon, first time poster long time lurker here. After coming across what appears to be a good deal on a ATT N4 I decided to take a chance since I love my S5 so much.

    While waiting for delivery I decided to do some research on the seller. The N4 was bought from qualitycellz on the bay. Tons of good reviews with a few negatives ones. I also came across some FCC violations they were cited on for importing non FCC serialized phones. Does anyone have any experience with these guys or an opinion. Of course I can't know for sure until I receive the phone but here are a few pics from the listing. Thanks!

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    Attached Thumbnails Opinions on legitimacy of Note 4-screenshot_2015-02-10-11-41-36-1.jpg   Opinions on legitimacy of Note 4-screenshot_2015-02-10-11-41-39-1.jpg   Opinions on legitimacy of Note 4-screenshot_2015-02-10-11-41-41-1.jpg  
    02-10-2015 11:50 AM
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    There's a great thread on this in the sticky section.

    From those pictures it is hard to tell

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    02-10-2015 04:31 PM
  3. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    02-10-2015 05:48 PM
  4. Mannym21's Avatar
    walk away
    Any specific reason?

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    02-10-2015 05:53 PM
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    Even though the pic can look like a legit phone, how do you know that is the one your getting? I wouldn't buy a phone from a place like that, especially with that FCC violation. Keep us updated, hope it is real, it would suck if it wasn't.

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    02-10-2015 10:04 PM
  6. Racinghart91's Avatar
    the box where its in seems dodgy to me...
    02-11-2015 10:05 AM
  7. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    Any specific reason?

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    1 Sight unseen
    2 You already have doubts, listen to you gut
    3 they have FCC violations already

    Do you really need more reasons to walk away than that?
    02-11-2015 12:05 PM

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