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    I had been challenged with video taken on my Note 4 and imported to Adobe Premiere Pro. The audio & video were in sync on the phone, and when viewed on Win7 video players. When I imported it to Premiere Pro for editing, sync was lost after about 3 minutes into an 8 minute MP4 file. I struggled with Premiere Pro and Adobe help, and chased this issue in several forums and training sites. I found that the issue has to do with variable frame rates, differing rates for audio/video, and several other potential issues based on how the video capture for the device is implemented. Premiere Pro assumes your audio & video are in sync, if captured on the same device at the same time. Sadly, that is rarely the case with most digital video capture.

    I read from several sources about using Handbrake to convert/re-encode the captured video. This was said to to correct the sync problems. I could not find out what settings to use for this, so trial/error/experimentation were required. I got things wrong quite a few times before sorting out the process and settings that work for me and my Note 4 video.

    Here is my process, if any of you need it.........

    - download Handbrake and install it. Handbrake is an open source video encoder.

    - Open Handbrake, and click on the Source button to link your captured video.

    - Browse/key in your destination directory and file name for the corrected video file.

    - Below are my settings for output encoding.........

    --- Anamorphic - none
    --- Keep Aspect Ratio
    --- Framerate - 30 fps, unless Smooth Motions used on Note 4, then use 60 fps
    --- Constant Framerate

    Everything else default. Using that, my audio & video imported to Premiere Pro are continually in sync,
    02-12-2015 01:35 PM
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    Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited to try this. I was using window movie maker and it worked great until I upgraded to windows 10. not supported on windows 10. Guess what it doesn't work anymore. Thanks for the help...fingers crossed it will work for me.
    09-15-2015 01:23 PM

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