1. AxiosENT's Avatar
    We have a new city ordinace where there can be no cell phone use while driving unless in a emergency situation. Bluetooth is allowed.

    So at the moment I have my phone setup on top of my dash and use the gps. I was wondering if there is a Dashcam app of being able to record video while driving?

    Been wanting to get one ever since my last accident... had a hard time with the other guys insurance. I've been checking out a Garmin unit I found but I would gladly pay for an app then pay $200 for a unit.
    02-15-2015 01:50 PM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    02-15-2015 06:11 PM
  3. Phantasmal Images's Avatar
    Dash cam and more...

    None of the phone dash cam apps are going to work well at night though. For that you're going to need a dedicated dash cam with IR.
    02-15-2015 06:42 PM
  4. KahneFan's Avatar
    It's been a while, but I liked using Daily Roads... https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.dailyroads.v
    02-16-2015 10:00 AM

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