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    just found out that we can "root" our Android phones - some people are for, but others against it.

    is your Galaxy Note 4 "rooted"? if so, what caused you to make that decision?

    what happened after "rooting"? did your phone ever become unstable? are there any advice you'd like to give to those thinking about rooting their phone?

    is "rooting" really necessary? or is it just a hype?

    I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts!
    02-16-2015 09:47 AM
  2. bat0nas's Avatar
    I rooted all my previous Android phones (was hardcore rom tester in the past). But I absolutely don't have to do this in Note 4 case. Note 4 is so rich of features that I don't even think about ever rooting it.

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    02-16-2015 09:55 AM
  3. muzzy996's Avatar
    This isn't the first thread on here asking this . .

    It most certainly is not hype . . but you're here and not on XDA so you're likely to get more people who are not in need of rooting responding.

    There are many who swear that root creates instability and I can't really speak for or against that since it really hasn't been my experience that root alone does this. IMO with root alone there's no instability, but once one starts fiddling with things the opportunity to create instability is there. I think this is where the opinions come from because a stock rooted device without any modifications is about as useful as a stock unrooted device is . . but once people who are inexperienced begin to pile on modifications they are at risk of making multiple modifications that interfere with each other or that remove features/services that are relied upon by other services and things can go awry. Keep in mind that "pile on modifications" applies to deletion/freezing of applications too and there can be unintended consequences of doing so that factor into instability.

    My best advice is to just use and enjoy the device first without worry about rooting. Exhaust all means and methods to achieve the customization that you desire and only if you find something missing that you absolutely can't live without should you consider whether or not it's worth it to root to obtain it. MANY users don't need root . .
    02-16-2015 12:21 PM

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