1. shimmelstoss's Avatar

    after 6 years of usage, I want to switch from my 9900 Blackberry.
    Everything seems fine but the workflow I got with my workhorse.
    This keeps me thinking of takeing the leap.

    I just browse none to a little same as texting or social stuff at all.
    Im infront of a pc 80% a day so I reply to mails via keyboard normally.

    The main usage of my Blackberry is to write appointments, tasks or just my thoughts.
    So here we got the Note4. The name says its perfect for that job. But then there is my workflow:

    I got my BB synced via Blackberry Enterprise Server with my MS Outlook.
    Then I got a thought worth unlocking my BB and I just search for a open calendarline and start typing.
    When Im back on my desk, I scroll my outlook calendar and get the work done.

    So here is what keeps me back from the note: When I got it, I want to use the SPen. When I dont use it,
    I just could save money and stay at my 9900. I need the line to Outlook I think.

    Whats your workflow? Are there any apps I need? Is it worth switching when I dont need the bells and whistles?
    02-19-2015 11:17 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You can still sync your Note to Outlook (I do it with my Note 4 and Tab S, and my work calendar is synced on all devices). You just need to add the Exchange account to your phone and presto! Just make sure that any new appointment you create is set to be created on your Exchange calendar.

    Same thing for e-mail. Honestly, the one thing you will miss from the BB is the unified Inbox showing up all your stuff. Other than that, there's no comparison, you'll love the Note. You can even take notes without even unlocking the phone and just by taking out the S-Pen. And even more, with the Action Memo feature you can even attach that to a task or save it as a note.
    02-19-2015 12:23 PM

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