1. FM2125's Avatar
    So Saturday my Note 4 would suddenly only charge from USB, thought that odd considering I was using the adaptive fast charger. Tried a different charger, same thing. Went to back it up and restore it and could not get my computer to recognize it. Then I put it in download mode and it still wouldn't be recognized which is a first ever for me. Shook it off and went into T-Mobile Sunday and went to do a warranty replacement and ended up using my upgrade to just get a new phone because of the waiting period and I've had refurbs be flops. All happy. I get home and get everything set and good and go to migrate to my bed, plug it in the charger and noticed that it didn't pop up and say Fast Charging like it did when I was at my computer (using the exact same charger) and see that it says USB for the charging source. Immediately panicked and booted my computer up and same issue, won't connect to USB. I went to T-Mobile today and they won't do anything for me besides me paying an insurance claim deductible. I hope someone might have some help for me before I shell out money into this.
    02-23-2015 05:50 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Have you tried the same phone in another computer? I don't think it's an issue with the phone but rather with the driver in your computer. If the phone connects fine to another computer, you might need to remove the phone's driver from your Device Manager (I'm assuming you're using Windows), reboot, and then plug in your phone again to let it recognize/reinstall the driver.
    02-23-2015 05:57 PM
  3. ChemMan's Avatar
    Did you try different cables?
    02-23-2015 05:59 PM
  4. FM2125's Avatar
    Yes tried multiple computers. My main one works fine otherwise. The drivers worked prior to this happening. I tried using download mode at work today and that wouldn't recognize the phone either so I can't do any sort of physical access to the device no matter what I've tried. This includes at least 10 of my own different cables and T-Mobiles "Service Tech" who couldn't get anything out of it with their "special software"
    02-23-2015 06:06 PM

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