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    Hi, I got a videotron (canadian carrier) note 4. Unlock and using it on rogers network. I bought it second hand, and seller didn't told me about the root..... On sammobile site, for the firmware, all canadian carrier have model sm-n910w8 as model #. Is it safe to flash rogers firmware on it? Looking through google but a bit lost.
    installed the one for rogers from sammobile, but upon flashing thought odin, videotron bloat is still there..... and have to contact seller, as I try to set cerberus and says that devices is linked to another account..... Grrrr and lost sellers #. Still have his address. Hope not a stollen devices.
    Followed that how to: youtu.be/WlHN7XPDvXQ go through all the prossess. Phone optimize the app.... How to get a return to stock, a full clean install. Any better walk through?
    Thanks for your help
    02-25-2015 09:37 PM

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