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    Can someone help me out with this? I've previously had the note 4, but had to replace it. This new one seems to waste batter A LOT more than the one I previously had. Tried checking out my battery usage, and I have the weirdest apps saying they're using the most. Also, it says my messaging is using 35% and Facebook only 5%, yet I've been using Facebook more. Also don't understand why Google play services is using any? As I barely use it? Lol any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    03-03-2015 07:57 PM
  2. Brian W1's Avatar
    Mine has gotten a lot worse lately too. I un installed fb because it was using far too much. Facebook was using like 50% and android system maybe 25%.
    03-03-2015 08:02 PM
  3. Gekko's Avatar
    i would change the setting of that "Messages Backup" App and disable it. Also -

    i suffer no hardships doing this -

    Battery Tips for Android

    1. Toggle off High Accuracy GPS Mode, Bluetooth, NFC,
    Hotspot/Tethering. Toggle on only as needed. (Set GPS Mode to "Battery
    Saving" Mode).
    2. Display Brightness - Turn off Auto Brightness and Reduce Setting
    Bar to Minimum Acceptable to you.
    3. Sign out of any unused Google Services like G+, Google Now, Hangouts, etc.
    4. Disable Location Reporting and Location History.
    5. Beware of constantly syncing in background Apps and Bloatware like
    Facebook, Twitter, Weather Channel, Games, Google News/Weather,
    Non-Push Email, etc. Set Sync interval for every 1 hour or more and
    change settings to stop the syncing of data you don't need. Delete
    their Apps and use their Web Page if acceptable.
    6. Turn Off Hot Word "Hotword Detection" Always Listening Mode in
    Google Search if you don't use it.
    7. Turn Off Auto Camera/Photo Upload or at least set it for Upload on WIFI Only.
    8. Turn Off Vibrate on Touch for Display, Keyboard, etc.
    9. Turn Off Touch Sounds and Unlock Sounds.
    10. Turn Off Ambient Display/Active Display Notifications if you don't need it.
    11. Don't use a Live Wallpaper. Use a dark wallpaper if possible.
    12. Set Display Sleep Setting to 2 Minutes or Less.
    13. WIFI Settings - Advanced -
    a. Network Notification - Set as OFF.
    b. Scanning Always Available - Set as OFF.
    c. Keep WIFI on during Sleep - Set as ALWAYS if you regularly use
    WIFI. OK to keep WIFI on if you regularly use it.
    14. Turn Off Always Vibrate in Gmail/Email.
    15. Be careful of using too many Live Widgets and what/how often they sync.
    16. Set MS Exchange Sync at 30 Days or Less if you use it.
    17. Do NOT use a Task Killer App or Battery Saver App.
    18. Uninstall ALL Apps that you never use. If you haven't used an
    App in one month, uninstall it.
    19. Reboot your phone at least once a month.
    20. Wipe Cache Partition at least once a quarter or after every OS Update.
    21. Consider a Factory Data Reset with a manual re-sync, manual
    reinstall of all data and Apps after every major OS Letter Update.
    Make sure that all of your data is first backed up to Google and
    Dropbox, etc.

    "I SUFFER NO HARDSHIPS DOING THIS" - this means that i personally am
    giving up NOTHING with these tips. i'm not giving up any features.
    there are no tradeoffs for me. a tradeoff or a hardship would be to
    turn off PUSH email or use AIRPLANE mode during the day etc.

    you have to find your own balance and the tips list is a start but you
    must come to your own conclusion as to what's important. it's personal
    preference but these are not a big deal to me at all as they do not
    affect the function or operation of my phone. these tips do not
    deteriorate my experience.

    03-03-2015 08:11 PM
  4. Brian W1's Avatar
    ^^^should be a sticky^^^
    03-03-2015 09:22 PM
  5. Josh Griffith's Avatar
    Very nice thank you a lot

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    03-03-2015 09:33 PM
  6. mbabee's Avatar
    Thank you so much!
    03-04-2015 09:08 AM
  7. mbabee's Avatar
    Does anyone by any chance know how to turn off the messages back up? I found it under applications, but it didn't offer any options...
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    03-04-2015 09:10 AM

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