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    hello I have this issue I have a Plantronics edge Bluetooth device when I press the button on the Bluetooth edge and it says say a command if I hit the power on the note 4 or the screen blacksout shuts off but if I leave my phone on it will then work and say a command and i can say calls so and so everything's fine as soon as it makes the the transition into making the call I can shut the screen off everything works fine it's just the initial pushing the button and when it says say a command I've tried I have the touch wiz Google Voice different versions like car mode everything seems to be the exact same I have I have a clear view cover and I find that the cover blacks out sooner than my screen itself but as soon as it blacks out it shuts off just in the beginning not the whole process I also have a galaxy s4 and I have no issues whatsoever with it on that even if it's in midstream say a command and I shut it down it continues to work i have no problems I also have a bluetooth Mobile spec that I use to stream music so I don't have to use a cord and it works just fine screen on screen off anytime no problems I'm extremely baffled on this problem I don't know really what to say but I'm more than willing to let you know what I've done or haven't done to try to troubleshoot this because I'm stumped thank you for your time
    03-16-2015 01:47 PM

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