1. daytondroid's Avatar
    I updated my AT&T Note 4 to 5.0.1 yesterday with the AT&T OTA update and now the red LED for the HRM on my Note 4 comes on in my pocket. I have it positioned so the camera and HRM sensor face away from my leg and the screen is next to my leg. It seems the fabric of my pants causes the LED for the HRM to come on. I have never noticed this before Lollipop. It also comes on every time I put my finger on the HRM sensor as well.

    Any thoughts on how to turn the HRM off or fix this issue? I never use the HRM on my Note 4.
    03-25-2015 10:15 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Are you using Google Fit? If so, it's a known issue with Samsung's HRM and Google's app. Try uninstalling it or disabling it, it should fix your problem.
    03-25-2015 10:39 AM
  3. daytondroid's Avatar
    Thanks, that seems to have worked so far. I was not even using the app, but had it installed.
    03-25-2015 12:57 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Yup, it's a nasty bug, unfortunately. I thought it was only for the GS5, but I guess the Note 4 is also affected
    03-25-2015 01:08 PM
  5. ronb's Avatar
    Somebody else posted that AT&T is aware and will have a fix in the next update.
    Good Luck!
    03-27-2015 08:01 AM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unfortunately it seems it's not just AT&T, so Samsung has to be the one that fixes it.
    03-27-2015 10:48 AM

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