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    I used to believe, a handkerchief, humility and courage is all that a gentleman needs. Whichi is true, but for a younger gentleman who doesn't have a Personal assistant a pocket diary and a pen is a must.

    Note 3 neo to me is a pocket diary with voicecalling, a pen that doesn't run out of ink, a camera, a voicerecorder, maps/gps, internet and cloud for a price that is not too far from affordable. But it was a first such device in my country. No low lost devices with pen input are sold in India. Thanks to the low cost NEO range of samsung that made it available here.

    And then came the flagship note4, even though i can't call it too expensive for the features and power it comes with, but i will never buy a pocket diary that pricey.

    So i hope samsung continues it's NEO range (low cost revisions of samsung flagships) in all countries. And we do see a Note4 neo, a Note5 neo and a Note6 neo In future. And i hope that note8 comes back. 5.5 inches are not enough for class going students.
    03-25-2015 01:28 PM

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