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    After updating to lollipop on AT&T Note 4 battery life seemed to be worse. Then did a factory reset and now can't move apps to SD. The phone recognizes the card as it started saving pics to SD. I can also put music and photos on it without problems. Any one else seeing this?Can't move apps to SD after lollipop update and reset-uploadfromtaptalk1427568849492.jpg
    03-28-2015 01:54 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Did you move the apps back to the phone before the update, then at least do a system cache wipe after it, before trying to move the apps back to it? (Apps don't move to the SD card, pieces of them do, and links are left in internal storage pointing to those pieces. There are no links in the update, so your apps aren't on internal storage, and they're not on the SD card, they're in ... well, somewhere.

    (Android was never designed to install apps to th SD card, and it still doesn't. "Moving" them there is a trick that's kpt hidden from Android, so it "thinks" that it's still running them from internal storage. Updates don't take into account that pieces of some apps may be on an external SD card - because they're not supposed to be there, especially during an update.)

    Uninstall the apps. Reinstall them. Move them to the SD card. (If you want to run the phone in a way it's not designed to be run - otherwise keep your apps on the phone and use the card for what it was designed as, storage for files.)
    03-28-2015 02:41 PM
  3. andrewg13's Avatar
    OK the option to move the apps showed up after some time. Must have been doing something in the background.
    03-28-2015 06:26 PM

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