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    I was reviewing the Adobe Acrobat DC info on their website and updated my N4 Adobe Acrobat to DC & installed the other 2 companion apps (Adobe Fill & Sign DC & Adobe eSign Manager DC) in the link.

    Adobe Document Cloud | Acrobat DC Blog

    The newly introduced (yesterday) Acrobat DC I think is ground breaking mobile Android/iOS technology in that PDF documents can be signed w/ the N4 stylus. The PC World review says you can't create/send secure (legal) docs for signatures from your phone (formerly Adobe called this feature Echo Sign & it had no Android/iOS component) but I'm not sure about that because the Adobe Fill & Sign DC & Adobe eSign Manager DC Play Store apps appear to me to do exactly that. I haven't had the time yet to fully explore exactly how the mobile apps work.

    Review: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC's electronic signatures are its killer app | PCWorld

    The cost is $12.99/mo $155.88/yr Standard or $14.99/mo $179.88/yr Pro paid annually. They charge $10 more per month if you want to pay monthly so that's not a viable option. I would be subscribing to the Adobe Acrobat DC anyway to have the Echo Sign functionality on my PC's so it's not an additional expense but rather a lot more functionality on my N4. You also have syncing between PC's/Mac's & your phone (iPads & other tablets too I think).

    I'm thinking to get a Bluetooth keyboard & further reduce my mobile footprint because now I can do the same thing on the N4 (I think) that I'm doing on my Lenovo Helix hybrid tablet which has an active digital stylus, filling out contractual legal PDF's & having clients sign them on the screen when I'm onsite.

    I'm hoping there are other forum members that are business users like me that will comment on this thread.
    04-08-2015 01:51 PM

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