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    1. I have installed outlook from store, setup outlook.com email but the contacts wouldn't sync with my phone.

    Why the contacts from outlook.com are not syncing if I setup my outlook.com email in Outlook, Gmail or samsung email client ?

    2. I've installey outlook.com application this time and contacts synced. I selected in contacts to display outlook.com contacts only and I wanted to export them to VCF file to device to be able to import them to device agenda. But when I select export it seems that is not exporting only selected contacts to be displayed. It was exported all the contacts synced on my phone skype, Facebook, outlook.

    How can I select which contacts to export ? Outlook.com only and not also from skype or Facebook ?

    3. After I imported the contacts in device, i select to displau device contacts only. When I saw that there was all of them not only outlook.com I selected all of them and deleted them. They were also deleted from my outlook.com account not only from device.

    Why they were deleted also from Outlook.com account ?
    How can I delete device contacts next time without to delete them from Outlook.com ?
    Why Facebook and Skype contacts were not deleted, only outlook.com ones ?

    04-24-2015 06:06 AM

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