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    Hi guys, lifelong iOS man here being brave by risking it with an Android, namely the Note 4.

    I've done a ton of reading and am completely confused as some of what I've read is pre-Lollipop so please help me with up to date advice!

    Much as I dislike iOS one thing they got right (and the only reason I stuck with it so long) was iPhone's ability to send music via USB to my stereo with pristine quality. But when it comes to Android I see things are more complex so if I'm being a bit daft please bear with me.

    So now I'm coming over to Android I see other than Android Auto (which looks too new for me at the moment and too expensive) there's no clean easy option so I'm going to go down the route of AUX for the audio out (for music) and bluetooth for microphone to talk to the Note 4 handsfree. However I have read that "dock mode" isn't an option in the Note 4 so I can't get a cable that allows me to charge via the USB and output Audio down it.

    1) Can someone please advise me if it's possible to charge the phone in the car whilst using AUX out for good noiseless sound quality (preferably via the USB but out the headphone will be ok I guess) AND use bluetooth to get commands to the phone etc..

    2) Is there a good bluetooth steering wheel button that I can press so it automatically opens up google command on the phone?

    I'm just getting confused with everything I'm reading and worried I may have made the wrong choice with switching to Android as everything was much easier with the iPhone. Any help appreciated!

    And also I'm looking for a bluetoo

    Thanks in advance

    (ps I've got a bluetooth Pioneer Unit 7100bt which is old but pretty good with AUx in and USB in)
    04-26-2015 12:01 PM
  2. muzzy996's Avatar
    Definitely possible to run AUX out via headphone jack while using Bluetooth for phone calls and charging via USB. I do it daily with my car since my head unit doesn't support Bluetooth audio streaming. OK Google commands are finicky since those end up being picked up by the phones microphone instead of my car's mic. Not a big deal for me since my car is quiet but YMMV.

    If I were still into managing an MP3 library I would use an iPod touch for my car. I'm using Google All Access though so I just deal with the lack of integration with my car. My next car is on order, hopefully I'll have better luck with that setup.
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    04-26-2015 04:17 PM
  3. applehater00's Avatar
    Thanks Muzzy.

    My HU does have Bluetooth though so... I think I'm getting more confused the more I think about it.

    Ok what i'm thinking then is to get something like the iBOLT or BluClik bluetooth remote button so I can press that and it will start up Google Voice... then I'm hoping when it talks back it will do so via AUX ? But I have a bluetooth head unit so I'm hoping if I pair the phone with the iBOLT remote and also pair it to my head unit when I clicl on the iBOLT to talk to the phone it will then talk to the headunit and output that way.... in the meantime hopefully any music playing will play out thorugh AUX.... ?

    I think I'm gettign myself a little muddled up ?
    04-27-2015 03:12 AM

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