1. ronpfid's Avatar
    Here's something I just noticed, not sure if it's 'Note' related or Lollipop, but want to know if there is a setting fix for this.

    If I'm using the browser, and pick 'add page to homescreen' it makes a book mark on the home page. So far so good, BUT, if you then click that icon later to open that page, now all the stuff like 'share page' isn't available, and it says your in 'webapp' now, not browser/internet. Even if you click links on the page so it opens new pages, still, your in 'webapp' and can't pick share page.
    Anytime I want to send my customers a link from a webpage, I have to search the webpage with google, go there, refind the link, then share it, really annoying. Any ideas? What's this stupid webapp deal?

    05-07-2015 11:29 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Use Firefox as your web browser. When you open a page that you saved to the homescreen, you're in Firefox and can share.
    05-07-2015 11:39 AM
  3. ronpfid's Avatar
    trying that now
    05-07-2015 11:58 AM
  4. ronpfid's Avatar
    It worked, awesome, thanks!!!
    05-07-2015 12:04 PM
  5. juliesdroidsync's Avatar
    Unfortunately what you cannot do is use the create shortcut to the home screen function, which I like a lot. That's why I still use 2 browsers. I use the webapp browser and chrome, myself.
    05-07-2015 12:24 PM
  6. ronpfid's Avatar
    Firefox fixed it for me. It avoids that stupid webapp (who's ***** idea was that?) and lets me create a short cut that takes me to firefox and actually works, lets me share, ect.
    05-07-2015 01:02 PM

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