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    I want to be able to easily and quickly take a screenshot (via whatever mechanism, including the Screen Write feature with the S-pen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4), and upload it to imgur's website, and then get the URL so as to post it somewhere (including as a URL here).

    So I installed the imgur app at: imgur app in playstore.

    I used the S-pen's button. Selected screenwrite, cropped the image, drew upon it, then clicked the share icon. In the list of apps to share to, I see the Imgur app, and clicked on it. Then what I see is this:

    How to share screenshots directly to imgur from Samsung Galaxy Note 4?-imgur-fail.jpg

    Since I am sharing the screenshot, imgur app should just know that is the source image I want to share, correct? But then why is it prompting me for those three buttons? That doesn't seem correct to me. I tried clicking on all of those buttons, and they do not do anything.

    Is this a bug in the imgur app where it is ignoring share requests from other applications, requiring me to do extra steps (which I don't want to do!) to save the image to the phone and then navigate to it from the imgur app?


    05-09-2015 09:51 AM

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