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    I balked when Samsung said I should send my phone in for repair because my battery still drains a bit more than it should, my apps lag a bit and mostly my contacts will not sync into my vehicle since the Lollipop update and subsequent factory reset. But another poster here at AC Central said this would be a better idea than to get a refurbished phone from Verizon.

    I then remembered I was one of the lucky original 15 AC members selected to receive the Asus Zenfone. I would have a phone to use during this process since I already picked up a T Mobile sim card (Zenfone does not work with Verizon) and I already planned on picking up a one month plan with TMobile to fully test and review the phone. I believe I could even have my Verizon number forwarded to the Zenfone.

    Although I do not really want to do this, doing it would give me an opportunity to see if sending a phone back to the manufacturer is a task worth doing.
    05-14-2015 10:07 AM

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