04-12-2020 02:21 PM
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  1. natehoy's Avatar
    The Ford UI is less good at detours; using the Gmaps UI I can just turn wherever I want and if there's a reasonable route that goes that way Gmaps will switch to it. On the Ford UI, if you turn off from the recommended route the Nav will show you haw to get back onto the recommended route (turn left here. OK, turn left at the next light. OK, here comes another left).
    My Magellan Meridian Color used to do that. In its defense, it was 2003 and handheld GPS units were pretty new at the time.

    Kinda sad that 13 years later the kind of computing horsepower you can install in an automobile can't do better than that. LOL
    12-05-2016 02:01 PM
  2. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    I have paid for apps in the past. Google has the best live traffic reports. Even better since they purchased Waze. But I will admit copilot for instance is much prettier.
    12-08-2016 06:53 PM
  3. Nostromo79's Avatar
    Navdy looks pretty cool and would be an awesome option... as long as it's legit. I would love to pre-order for $200 off retail, but maybe it's like some of these other tech items that just continually pre-order, but never ship?
    The whole arc of Navdy saw it whimper to an end a couple of years ago. I would have sworn that it was feeding back into the ECM to wake a host of electronic gremlins but I may have had a low-voltage problem after all causing my electric power steering to act-up about two months after I began using Navdy. The potential was almost limitless but it kinda died in the incubator of new user experiences. Navdy worked well when it did work.
    04-12-2020 02:21 PM
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