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    If so, what are your thoughts? What do you miss? What did you gain?

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    05-21-2015 05:12 PM
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    Mixed feelings.

    Gained: S-pen functions (I do use it quite a bit), better display, replaceable battery (I don't swap much, but like that I can cheaply & easily put a new one in if the original stops holding a decent charge before I'm due an upgrade- been there, done that), much better camera.

    Miss: Moto software, Active Display & Touchless Controls in particular. Twist to launch camera was nice too. Saw an occasional gripe in the forums about one or more of these not working as intended, but they always worked exceedingly well for me.

    Double-edged sword: Size (Note 4). Great when I'm looking at it, not so much when trying to navigate with one hand, or in my pocket.

    Wash: Expandable storage. Love the idea in principle, but in reality the 64gb Turbo would've been plenty for me for the next several years.
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    05-21-2015 10:25 PM

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