1. rahul.sharma's Avatar
    Guys, I am wondering what is the most economical way of exchanging my note 4 att with edge? I am on contract and got this on day 1 but now kinda want to try edge? Any suggestions, how to get most out of the exchange? I am not even sure in the procedure with att.

    Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
    05-24-2015 08:28 PM
  2. aokusman's Avatar
    You can't exchange it, you can however trade it in a very low value. Your best bet is to sell it, add money and get yourself the edge.
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    05-24-2015 08:32 PM
  3. Aquila's Avatar
    You can check out our marketplace forums as well. There could be someone who bought the edge and wants the normal one who is willing to make a trade.
    05-24-2015 08:34 PM
  4. brothamoveson's Avatar
    You can try using the next program if that is a option you care to try.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-24-2015 08:42 PM
  5. Brian W1's Avatar
    I had the Note 4 and wanted the Edge. Sold the 4 and had an upgrade so I got the Edge. Wish I would have kept the Note 4! The Edge just felt totally different and not having a tool bar sucked! I ended up taking the Edge back and trying the iPhone 6 Plus, which I have to say I'm happy with. I really miss my Note 4 though, wish I could have both it and the 6 plus.

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    05-24-2015 08:55 PM
  6. rahul.sharma's Avatar
    Ok, will try. Thanks for the pointers guys.

    Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
    05-25-2015 12:41 PM

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