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    Perhaps a stupid question...But...
    Is there a difference in battery drain if the micro SD is older?
    Or does a new one, with a larger capacity, formatted in the Note run faster and not drain a battery as badly?
    My coworker and I have the same Note 4.
    Hers is a year old, new 32 GB card, gets MUCH better battery life with basically the same CPU useage, apps and so forth.
    Only difference I can think of is my card came from my old S4 and was never formatted in this phone.
    Hers was installed new in the store and formatted there.
    Just a thought.
    06-04-2015 07:38 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The current drain between a 4GB card and a 32GB card shouldn't be enough to notice without actually measuring it at the card. Formatting? That could make a difference, if there's a problem with your card. If you have a card reader, turn the phone off, put the card in the card reader, plug it into a computer and read Using chkdsk to fix a corrupted SD card. If the card has certain forms of errors, it can use a lot of battery. Chkdsk can fix the problems, or you can copy everything on the card to the computer, tell the phone to format the card, then copy everything back.

    There are many other things that affect the battery usage, though - screen brightness, screen on time (the screen is a huge battery consumer), mobile signal strength (if you're on different carriers, she may be getting a better signal than you are, or you may have a loose antenna connector inside the phone), whether the phone is GSM (AT&T or TMobile in the US) or CDMA (Sprint or Verizon), etc., etc. Also there's the speed at which the CPU runs - I've tested 4 different Note 3s, off the shelf, brand new, and found wide differences - which would translate to some difference in power drain.

    So you can reformat your card and see if the format makes much difference. I don't think it will.
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    06-04-2015 07:51 PM
  3. droidntn's Avatar
    Thanks I ran the scan disc and it was fine.
    I've been off charge now for 16 hours and have 15 percent which, coming from my battery sucking s4, is awesome.
    But part of those 16 hours ,probably 4,were in ultra power saving mode.
    My coworker doesn't even use that mode and she has 2 days sometimes on one charge. With her GPS, sync on.
    That's a considerable difference.
    But, also she's had hers for a year.
    Mine is only two days old so it still maybe learning.
    Edit.. I just realized this AC forum was syncing every 15 minutes. I turned that on manuel.
    Point is, I may have other things doing that which I had never suspected and they're using battery.
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    06-04-2015 09:46 PM

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