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    Probably a really stupid question, but here we go:

    If I upload files to cloud storage and then delete said files from my device, will my files still be available in the cloud?

    More specifically, I tend to fill up my internal and external storage with photos and video relatively quickly, especially when travelling. Rather than carrying spare micro sd cards and swapping them out when they're full, I'd prefer to send what I've got to the cloud and then delete them from my phone/memory card so that I can take more pics and videos. Then just retrieve everything from the cloud later when I'm at my computer. Will that work?

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    06-05-2015 09:46 PM
  2. Brian W1's Avatar
    They will remain in the cloud even if you delete them from your device.

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    06-05-2015 09:53 PM
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    Perfect. Thanks.

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    06-05-2015 10:02 PM
  4. mty msi's Avatar
    You can set probably all the cloud storage services, (Dropbox & MS OneDrive I know for certain you can) to automatically upload new photos/videos as you create them so you could delete them from your internal/external memory immediately if you wanted.
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    06-06-2015 12:05 AM
  5. millerwa76's Avatar
    I've seen that setting for my Google account with automatically uploading pictures to Google Photos and/or Picasa, but I have it turned off. I don't want or even need every picture I take to be uploaded to the cloud. On that note, here's 2 more questions:

    1. I have multiple gmail accounts. 1 is personal, the other is work. Is there a way for me to chose specific albums to sync with a specific Google account? I do need to take pics for work from time to time, so it'd be kind of nice to have those pics backed up in the cloud for my work account, but I don't want pictures of my vacation or those awesome tacos I ate last night syncing with my work cloud.

    2. I've noticed on occasion that when I go into my Google account settings on my phone, syncing photos will be turned on even though I know I've turned it off (among other things like Keep, Google Fit, Music, etc). I uncheck the box and after a few weeks, it will have a check mark in it again. I've never actually had any photos automatically sync though. Is Google effing with me?
    06-06-2015 03:19 AM

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