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    I was all set to buy the Google Nexus 6 but after reading many reviews I have started to lean towards a Note 4. The one thing that I cannot determine though is if there is a version of the Note 4 that will work with all US carriers (similar to the America's version of the Nexus 6).

    I want to buy an unlocked phone and be able to switch carriers should I feel so inclined. Currently I am with T-Mobile but I travel a lot to an area where Sprint and Verizon are much better options (for data). Since I hotspot the phone a lot it would be great to be able to switch SIMS and use the best network available.

    So, does Samsung make a version of the Note 4 that has the flexibility of the Nexus 6 (radio/carrier wise).

    06-14-2015 02:10 PM

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