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    After a nighttime fishing trip on Saturday morning, I noticed my camera lens had moisture or fog in it. The cell had resided on the boat console and WAS NOT immersed in water. When I opened the Note 4 I saw the heavy night's moisture had invaded the Note 4!!

    The Cell was working but I went ahead and left it apart and shoved it in the AC vent on my car on the trip home. Ninety minutes later the fog was gone but the indicator still showed red x's and the battery's bar was red. Now it seems the battery runs down when the Note 4 is being used but not as much as when it sits idle. I changed over to a new battery but it seems it too might have the same issue...just did it so cant say for sure but it sure looks like it.

    Now I had also taken the Cell apart and left it in a bag of (uncooked) rice overnight. When I had taken it apart I noticed there was moisture even under the Micro SD Memory card! I have a hard time understanding how it got so much moisture in it from just being outside UNDER cover.

    Again, I do not notice any other issues other than the battery is running out a lot quicker. I did notice my Malwarebytes ANTI-MALWARE mobile program kept scanning earlier and I did see a message yesterday that my SD card was bad (briefly) but it works now.

    I am concerned about how long it will last but do have a Square-trade warranty. However, I cannot tell how many times in that two-years can I submit for replacement or repair??

    If it's only one time, then how can I get another warranty coverage and from where?

    Thank you in advance for your counsel.
    07-12-2015 03:20 PM

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